What are the Museum’s hours?
The Museum’s hours change seasonally. View our current hours.

How do I get to the Museum?
Directions to the Museum and recommended parking.

Is there an admission to visit the Museum?
There is a sliding scale admission of $5-$15 per person to enter the exhibit gallery. Admission Tickets are good for 48 hours.

How long is a visit aSHEville Museum?
aSHEville Museum exhibit gallery is about 3,000 sq ft. We host 8-12 intimate exhibits at a time. We recommend a minimum of an hour to tour the museum, though if you are in a hurry, you can spend less time by only focusing on specific exhibits.

Can I come to the Museum just to visit the Museum Gift Shop? If so, do I have to pay an admission?
You do not have to pay to visit our gift shop. Our gift shop is conveniently located in the front of the Museum for this reason.

Is photography allowed inside the exhibit gallery?
aSHEville Museum allows flash-free photography for personal-use only.
Are baby strollers permitted in the museum?

Are all aSHEville Museum exhibits appropriate for children to view?
Though most of our exhibits are appropriate for children, some of the exhibitions at aSHEville Museum are directed to adult audiences and are sectioned off from the main exhibit gallery. Parents and teachers are advised to preview exhibits.

Is the Museum accessible to guests with disabilities?
Yes. We want all visitors to aSHEville Museum to be able to enjoy our exhibits and programs. Please let our staff know if additional assistance is needed.

Am I allowed to leave aSHEville Museum and come back later?
Yes, ticket are valid for two days. You may come and go as you please with the purchase of an admission ticket during that time.

Can I hold my event at aSHEville Museum?
The Museum can host all types of events including, but not limited to:receptions, meetings, performances, galas, award ceremonies, presentations, and lectures. We’re open to ideas and concepts, so please – contact us for more information.