Visitor Reviews

I, Heidi Swann, have been an entrepreneur for all of my adult life. I have crafted my own narrative for many decades, and know both the power and the challenges of this choice. Leveraging my skills and resources, as well as my passion and commitment, led me to the creation of aSHEville Museum. From this place, I have become a storyteller to share the stories of our collective humanity.

What follows are direct quotes from museum visitors over the past 2 years. I will allow these voices and comments to speak for what aSHEville Museum has become and the impact it has had in its first two years…

Seeing such an amazing place celebrating women is incredible!
The world needs more places like this one.

-Sophia – Boston, MA

What an amazing and wonderful place.

– Daria Carden – Brandon, Vermont

Thank you for telling important and meaningful stories!

– Stephey Hine – Brevard College

As a transgendered man, sometimes I find myself falling into a rhythm of unintentional misogyny as a means of distancing myself from my female past. I can be demeaning, rude, or outright crass towards the online of femininity when I’ve been mistaken as a woman, but it’s efforts like this which remind me to reign myself in and understand that it is never women or the feminine persona who should brunt the blame. Keep on teaching- feminism works.

–  Andrew

Awesome! I learned so much at 57! A little embarrassed! I thought I was informed.

– J. Jones