Loving Families was created from interviews of local gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals in WNC and their family members. People interviewed shared the stories of how they met, came to be a family, and faced the joys and challenges that every family knows by heart. Some stories were of straight parents who raised children who were part of the LGBT community.

Some stories were of gay men who created family from friendships over many decades. Some were lesbian women who learned the strength of an extended nuclear family as in-laws. Some were of gay and lesbian people who adopted or birthed children of their own. All of these stories include familiar themes, often sounding like all of our own family stories. And that’s the point.

“Whether it is a gay issue or any minority,
I’d like for people to look at individuals,
and not classify anyone…

… and I guess that’s what I always just hope, that people will see us as individuals first before they classify us in any way….I think it seems so basic so I don’t think to say it, but we care about our son as much as anybody. We want the best for him, to feel connected and self-affirming as a person, not necessarily as a child of lesbian parents, but just as an individual, as a person, a man, that man he will be. So we all have those kinds of goals, safety for our family and to feel love and joy.”

– Chandra and Teri